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Oh, that sucks. I didn’t use Donnel much, but I definitely liked the others (even if I stopped using Kellam consistently at one point). Lon’qu took a while to be formidable, as he didn’t do a whole lot of damage at first, but once he hit the higher levels and got swordfaire, he was impossible to hit and could deal serious damage. Usually my first play through I’ll finish quickly, mostly with sages, paladins, and swordsmasters, then my next I try for variety.

When I made my team I actually didn’t have any two people as the same class but I did take a lot of people through that job that gives you the ability to attack again after killing someone so it’s about the same I guess

Ah, I usually take a strong preference towards certain classes. For instance, I didn’t have very many Archers or other bow wielding classes, but I like the mobility of cavaliers and pegasus knights, so they often saw the most of the battles. Classes like Knights were usually too slow to do anything but pick off the scraps, so they fell behind. If a class was too slow to hit more than once, usually I’d prefer to use classes that I knew would finish off the enemies, so I pretty much always have a couple swordsmasters or assassins on my teams (oddly enough, I only really used Lon’qu for this. Say’ri was just a bit underleveled when I got her, considering Lon’qu was already a level 11 swordsmaster, and my attempts to raise her level basically led to letdowns).

There were a lot of units I thought I’d love to death. Anna seemed very useful at first, as a apparently mix of thief, cleric, and myrmidon, but it didn’t work out that way. Perhaps I should have focused on leveling her a bit more though, since I left her out because I was worried about her sucking up EXP as a pre-promoted unit at a time when I’d only premoted a few.

After the game was over I was a bit disappointed in myself for using pretty much no one else so I went ahead and made a team of people with all maxed stats, it’s really not that hard or time consuming to max someone’s stats honestly.

I’d image so, if I started a new game I’d probably try playing it through using only characters I didn’t use this time through. My team of Paladin/Dark Flier/Falcon Knights kinda tore through the game a bit too cleanly, I’m going to give some of the other classes a shot. I’m also going to try it on the hardest difficulty, since this was a bit too easy.

Though I’m not going to replay it right now… I’ve got a couple other games I should be playing.

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Say’ri parses a text as if she is thoroughly chewing every word; Maribelle languidly sips at her own reading alongside her tea. She looks up at the other woman, taking another taste of the beverage and swallowing it quickly, parched more for the aftertaste rather than the drink itself.

“Say’ri, my dear, should I take your expression as your critique? You appear positively disgusted. A touch rude, I will say, but I will accept your honesty with grace…”

The other woman blinks and looks up at her. “Fie, no, milady! Your writing is skilled. It is the conditions you speak of that strike me.”

Maribelle hums into her teacup. “Ah, of course. Ylissean courts are simply abhorrent, aren’t they? And we claim the real barbarians are to the north, of course.”

Say’ri’s expression is screwed up, her complexion – normally clearer than day - clouded in attractive empathy. She drinks her own tea and speaks as she smacks it down, a girl who suddenly seems all soft lips for how remarkably small her mouth appears.

“But how can this –mm!” The bitter and hot hits her throat and she covers her mouth. “How can this be tolerated? Your laws are set to skewer the poor, not raise them in reverence! And the old are, as you say, ‘considered dead years before they are buried and only found alive for so long as they can be found guilty and never a second more.’”

When Say’ri speaks, Maribelle’s eyes light, her gaze casting down over her tea in her agreement as she tsks to the best of her ability. “It won’t be tolerated. I, specifically, shall not tolerate it. I do appreciate you reviewing my petition to the exalt and his court, a woman of great power such as yourself – of course, milord’s heard me go on at great length, but true clout comes in the documented form that men love so much…”

The other woman slams her tea down so hard it nearly spills onto the handwritten pages. “Lady Maribelle, I can think of no better candidate for the reform. Aye, but your words have such power! But your logic is perfectly clear. I can feel your compassion and wisdom down in my sinew. No man has the touch for debate and rebuttal you have, I mean it!”

Maribelle raises her eyebrows, but smiles. “I appreciate that - I truly do! But I’ve known all along that law is a women’s job. The rougher sex wants both the battles on the field and the courtroom, but they haven’t got the aptitude, simply.”

She reaches out and delicately wipes some of the stray spill safely away from her pages, lightly brushing Say’ri’s hand as she goes.

“Not that it matters. Personally, I have hardly any use for men at all.” 

(this is what you really meant by “court” right)

Perfection, bless you Mercs

Have you done the extra chapters yet? You download them from Spotpass for free. And yeah, just for fun for the last chapter I only brought in Chrom and my avatar and she was so overpowered that she singehandedly wiped out everything, it’s a bit dumb.

I haven’t done the extra ones yet, I was going to download after I finished (so essentially, right now). I might get supports up for certain characters so that way I can have all the paralogues, even though I likely wont use many of the characters (I stuck with the same 12 characters through most of the game, because after a while spreading EXP evenly was pointless and wasteful).

Yeaaaah, I pretty much could have easily done that since my other units didn’t really do anything. It takes two turns for a mounted avatar to make it there, and once that happens the game is over. I’m almost tempted to do a playthrough where I only use Chrom and the avatar, to see if I can max all of the stats. At this point I have at least 8 left over second and master seals, so I’m sure I could do it with little effort.

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